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Keeping Your DIVORCE out of the COURTS “Mediations vs Litigation”

November 28, 2009

Keep Your DIVORCE of the COURT

By Kym Adams-Divorce Mediator and Legal Document Assistant

Helping Couples Help Themselves for over a Decade!

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Mediation vs. Litigation

By Kym Adams Divorce Mediation Litigation
Average Cost $2,500 – $6,000 per couple and most of my clients share this fee equally saving MONEY $15,000 – $40,000 per spouse
How long it will take to get divorced You decide how long it will take to get divorced. You both are in control Lengthy negotiations, and court proceedings can take several years
Who decides the details of the divorce agreement You and your spouse work out details together, so that the things that are the most important to you will be in your agreement Lawyers and judges make decisions for you and your family
Who decide what’s best for your children You the Parents (not a judge-complete stranger) decide what’s best for your children Experts decide what’s best for your children
Lawyers used Primarily use only one lawyer. Retain two lawyers
Confidentiality All information remains confidential Courts keep your personal information

It is hard to imagine how this process will work when you have been embroiled in a conflict. Most divorcing couples tend to fall into the same fights over and over again — but that is why Kym Adams as a neutral third person can help.

Mediation is a process used for resolving conflict. As your mediator, I can help you move through the issues and find new ground for resolution.  Most of my clients come to mediation because they want to avoid having multiple third-party professionals involved in their divorce.

I am neutral. I won’t take sides with you against your spouse, or with your spouse against you. Instead, I will work with you to increase your understanding of each other and of your conflict. I will not make decisions for you — only you will decide what is best for your future.

Conflict is painful. Most people have a drive to resolve it. When people understand the sources of conflict, there is a huge release of creative energy which leads to terrific brainstorming sessions about how to solve the problem and end the conflict.

I begin work with people by identifying all of the unresolved issues. I have a detailed checklist that we go through to identify where there is already agreement, and where we need additional information and/or discussion. Each person gets to tell me his/her side of the story, so that I can hear as much as possible about why you came to see me. I give each person a pad of paper and a pen so that the other person can write down their ideas without having to interrupt the speaker. During our sessions, we can discuss the options, pros and cons, and the role that you and your spouse would like attorneys to have in your divorce. For example, once an agreement is drafted one or both may chose to have it reviewed by an attorney.  I can provide referrals to Family Law attorneys that specialize in this area of law.

Once all the issues are on the table, together we can dive deeper into different points to gain an increased understanding. When that understanding is there, problem solving begins.

As you and your spouse agree, I will begin to draft a Mediator’s Agreement based on want your spouse have agreed upon.

Finally, after the mediation process is completed and if appropriate, as a Legal Document Preparer, I can prepare the forms for the court and file for your divorce. The beauty is neither one of you will never have to step one foot in court. “Keeping you and your spouse’s DIVORE out of COURT”

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